Who am I?

I'm Daniel Maissan, a freelance photographer and Send Me Somewhere is my playground. It's where people, businesses and organisations can go, to Send a well traveled and experienced photographer anywhere. For the past twenty something years I've been traveling on and of around the world, documenting live, humanitarian projects and the beauty and resilience of the people inhibiting this planet. I see it as my privilege to observe and document whatever happens around me, without any judgement but with wonder and without any boundaries, but with an open view instead and an unlimited amount of curiosity.   

What do i believe?

I believe in the concept of wandering. To wander means to go aimlessly, without conscious intent and without purpose. By doing so, I prevent going out with any prejudice towards what I will see and capture. Wandering provides me with wonder and lets me - and the viewers of my photos - be in awe of the beauty, ugliness, resilience and power of human kind. It doesn't matter where I'm send. Every place, person, culture, religion or event has it's story. In it's turn, every story has something that it can teach us. An insight in the things that we've taken for granted or a solution to a question we had for so long. Wandering and being open and vulnerable, will provide us with a new and innovative view of life. 

My vison...

This is my vision, my way of looking at the world. I like to look at the world in all its beauty, resilience and opportunities. I have the urge to share all that I see with whoever wants to look at it. Looking at the things as they are, right there and then, is what I do best. Without any judgement or frames that so many people impose upon. I am capable to capture the moment as it is. My curiosity doesn’t discriminate, wether it’s a story about poverty somewhere in Africa, drag queens in Amsterdam or a new talented musician that needs my help, I feel the need to see it and have the tools to show you.



And my skills...

As you might have guessed, I communicate through pictures. Although I do write some stories every now and again and I am capable of making short video, photography is my main language. Looking through the viewfinder I try to make sense of the world that we live in. As I like to travel light and like to be a part of whatever I document, I work with the smallest camera. Close to my subjects, as little intimidating as possible and very engaged is my way of experiencing what I capture. That way I can show an openminded and honest image, that captures the moment like you were there.  

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I'm a freelance photographer, who combines hyperfocus with an open-minded approach to document whatever I am sent away for on a mission. This approach ensures my photographs are engaged, non-judgemental and that they often tell a complete story from a different perspective. My pictures tell the stories that I come across and that make me wonder.