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Dance baby, dance!

This is one of those projects I was proud to work for. MAS & CO (Mascha Tielemans) organised an outdoor dance spectacle in cooperation with 'Het Veerkwartier' a local hospitality venue in Haarlem. Fifty dancers danced three shows of nearly an hour last Sunday. The weather was good, the shows were sold out and I was asked to document the day... what more can I wish for? 

De Wereld van Jansje

'De wereld van Jansje' (in English 'Jansje's world') is a concept design store / lunchroom. If that was just it, it wouldn't be something Send me Somewhere could add value to. But... There's a bigger idea behind this concept store / lunchroom. Besides the fact that the things that are sold are sustainable and fair trade, the store and lunchroom both are run by people with special needs. So when the initiator of this project asked me to help out with their March special Facebook campaign (to...

Just Special

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to help out with a Dutch initiative called “Gewoon Bijzonder” (“Just Special”). The idea behind the initiative is to bring senior citizens that live in the same apartment building, closer together. By telling stories about their life, sharing dreams with each other, they bring people together. People that live there start connecting, friendships are made, questions are answered and challenges or issues are easily solved.


These are four of the people I’ve...

South Sudan with War Child

At the moment I'm traveling through the South-East of South Sudan on assignment for War Child. We're based in Torit and making stories of their projects in the surrounding communities. The people here are welcoming and very friendly, though sometimes a little bit shy. 

Daniel Blogs

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I'm a freelance photographer, who combines hyperfocus with an open-minded approach to document whatever I am sent away for on a mission. This approach ensures my photographs are engaged, non-judgemental and that they often tell a complete story from a different perspective. My pictures tell the stories that I come across and that make me wonder.

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