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Get yourself healthy

Get yourself healthy is an initiative of Rob van Keulen. Besides working for Transcontinenta, the importer of the cameras I love to work with, he also is the author of an online magazine- that is free to download- on Do-in and Shiatsu. As he is a big supporter of the idea behind Send Me Somewhere and obviously a huge fan of photography, he implemented a donation button on his site. All donations he gets, he donates to Send Me Somewhere, so I can photograph for an initiative or a foundation...

Blood coals

Last weeks I've been working on a story for PAX about bloodcoals in Colombia. I visited the harbor where coals are shipped to Europe, followed the traintracks that have a 150 carriage long train running through villages every 30 minutes and I've spoken to the people that were chased of their land in the past, so the mines could expand.

Estudio Español en Medellin, Colombia...

At the moment I'm staying in Medellin learning Spanish. A week from now, I'll move on to Santa Marta to do some work for PAX, but not before photographing for a local Medellin foundation working with street children in de Barrios in the hills of Medellin. That will happen at the end of this week... I'll let you know! For now, one of the photos I made when walking from class...

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I'm a freelance photographer, who combines hyperfocus with an open-minded approach to document whatever I am sent away for on a mission. This approach ensures my photographs are engaged, non-judgemental and that they often tell a complete story from a different perspective. My pictures tell the stories that I come across and that make me wonder.

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