All that is needed

and everything I already have

Here you can find the people that understand and adopted the philosophy of Send Me Somewhere. These are my partners, the ones who share my vision and believe in my dream. I'm gratefull for their support, feedback and knowledge. Without their help, Send Me Somewhere would still just be an idea. Here I have written down how they share their skills.

But ofcourse there's much more needed to get Send Me Somewhere to reach it's full potential. So perhaps there's something you really like to do or that you are very good at, that you'd like to share. Would you like to help Send Me Somewhere to go to the next level? Please, let me know.


Send Me Somewhere is about sharing.  Inspirething is the company that made it possible to share the idea, my stories and some of my photos on the internet. They build this site, developed my logo and they are still helping me to figure out how to fine tune communicating the concept of Send Me Somewhere. 


My most important tool to communicate with, is my camera. Transcontinenta is the importer of Leica, the camera brand I use to create my stories with. This company has been with me from the start and not only support me with their gear but also in sharing their knowledge and expertise.


To work without money, surprisingly you'll still need people that know lots about it. And the reality is, I don't have a clue. Luckily my bookkeeper Taco van Gelderen does. He helps me with the unexpected problems one encounters when initiating the complete new concept of a life without money.


Luckily, ever since I have these two babies, I’ve been coming to Bea. I’ve rarely met someone with such a big heart for animals and I can alway count on her solid advise when it comes down to my pets. Therefor I could’t have been more happy when she told me she loved the idea of Send Me Somewhere and offered to support me with cat food and litterbox.


Rob van Keulen is one of the people at Transcontinenta I often turn to for advise. But that's not all he does. He's also writing a book on Shiatsu and Do-in, called Get yourself healthy. If you click on the item charity in the menu, you'll see what that's got to do with Send Me Somewhere. On his facebook page he does the same as Send Me Somewhere, he gives exercises and tips away for free!


A good photo can be used as a wallpaper, in a blog or on Facebook. It can be used in a campaign or in a magazine. For me the nicest way to use a photo is still printed... Big!  Hang it on the wall so you can look at it over and over. For a print like that, Coloron helps me out every time. They advise me on what paper to use, which size to print, they even help me with the last details in post production to get the most out of the print.

On your wall

So many pictures are made during my travels, assignments or just for fun. Only a very small amount is used for the foundations or initiatives I work for. I decided to sell the rest of them in a Dutch webshop WerkAanDeMuur. The profit of every sell will directly benefit send me somewhere or one of the foundations I was send away for. That way, I can take photos for this or other foundations for free. 


You can help Send Me Somewhere as well, and you can do so for as little as $1 a month. I've created a Patreon profile specially for this purpose and I recorded a video explaining what it is Send Me Somewhere does and also what Patreon does to support this. Please become a Patron or Share the video to get the word out!

Video work

For my Patreon profile I needed a video, explaining what Send Me Somewhere is and of course to mobilise people to visit the Patreon site. Sander van Weert of Avalanche film helped me out by recording and editing the video. But Sander and i worked together before in Ghana for Shot of Life and in the Netherlands for Dopper. I'm grateful for his expertise, knowledge, help and friendship. 

Social Networks


I'm a freelance photographer, who combines hyperfocus with an open-minded approach to document whatever I am sent away for on a mission. This approach ensures my photographs are engaged, non-judgemental and that they often tell a complete story from a different perspective. My pictures tell the stories that I come across and that make me wonder.

You can read more about Send Me Somewhere here or send me a message with this form.