They sent me somewhere

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These are some of the good causes, interesting initiatives or people that needed good images… So they asked me for help and explained what they were doing. Trusting me to provide them with the images they were looking for, they sent me on my way. 

Are you in need of pictures? Do you need to Send Me Somewhere? I'm always curious what your cause or initiative is, so please let me know. You never know what I can do, unless you Send Me Somewhere. 

Send Me Somewhere

Hotel de Koepel

'Hotel de Koepel' used to be a prison, but as it hasn't been vacant for a while, it's now  used as a place to house refugees from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea. A lot of people in Haarlem try to give these people a warm welcome and support them in many different ways. One of these ways was to organise a mini-festival right at their doorstep. Friethoes put their best foot forward, there was hot chocolate and Chef'Special played some songs that night. 

Confident Children out of Conflict

Of course, as I was back in South Sudan this past week, I had to briefly visit CCC again to say hi. They helped me out with my project when I was in Juba- 1,5 year ago- and I shot some photographs for their website. While being there this time, I had some of the kids shoot their own images with one of my cameras... And I have to say with some awesome footage as result.

War Child

War Child has several projects in South Sudan and is planning to maybe start a few more in different regions. I was invited to capture the work they do now in Eatern Equatoria, in a place called Torit. Teaching teatchers, creating safe learning spaces and helping children to express themselves.  It was impressive to see how these children live and learn and work together to have a life in a coutry that- for the biggest part- is at war. 

Black Rockstar

Rivelino is a creative man, combining music, theatre, writing a book and coaching young adolescents. At the start of 2016 he started a new theatre tour and he asked me to help out shooting the poster for the tour. As always with busy people, it needed to be quick but good. As the show is about his life and about the people that he has met, but also the people that have left him along the way, the idea was to portrait the voids that exist in the live of an artist. 

Nooit Af

One of my friends, Martijn Aslander, has - together with co-writer Erwin Witteveen- written a book again: Nooit Af. During the presentation I was asked to take some photos. Again it's a book of which I think it will change your perspective of the world today, once you read it. But not only that, I do think it's a vision on the future that won't be far from what will actually happen.  And, maybe more important, it's really fun to read it! 

Teresita Gomez

When the chief editor of the biggest independant magazine of Colombia, El Malpensante, asks you if you want to do a story on one of Colombia's most famous classical piano players, the choice is easy. Meeting Teresita Gomez can be described as one of the most special moments I've ever had. I got to photograph her during a private concert, and shoot a few portraits afterwards. Her energy was extraordinary. You can read the story on my personal blog.


In the Cesar region, Colombia, there is a story that I needed to capture for PAX. Coal is the most important export product of that region and it comes with a devastating history. Between 1996 and 2006 thousands of people were forcefully chased out of their house and of their land. Most of them were relocated, but many disappeared or were brutally murdered. I was there to document their lives at this moment as well as to document the coal trail and the environmental destruction it leaves behind. 

Fundation Caminos

I stayed in Medellin for several weeks, trying to learn Spanish. Here I met Ed Veldhuisen, who used to work for the Dutch soccer league KNVB. But for the past decade he has been working with street-children in Medellin, empowering them and giving them structure through soccer. In the past years he even expended the work of his foundation to music classes and helping other small local initiatives, but soccer is still the main way to give these children hope.

Confident Children out of Conflict

While in South Sudan for my Serious Request project, back in 2014, I also visited one of the CBO's (community based organisations). Confident Children out of Conflict is an organisation run by Cathy, who takes care of these wonderful children. I was lucky enough to meet some of these kids and capture the joy and empowerment that Cathy gives them. 


Dopper’s mission is to achieve a world in which people are conscious of the environment we live in, where the amount of single-use plastic is reduced and where everyone, near and far, has access to safe drinking water. With Dopper, I spend a day at the beach in Bloemendaal, where we swopped regular single use bottles for Dopper bottles, to make people aware. In the mean time, we cleaned the beach by using the nets on the dresses of the ladies.

Kinderpostzegels Nederland

Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland raises and allocates funds for the benefit of vulnerable children in the Netherlands and selected other countries. They asked me to help and make pictures for a small booklet raising awareness for children being raised in women- and social shelters. I loved meeting these, often very positive, children and I was challenged to photograph in a way that wouldn't expose these kids.

Zo! Gospel choir

This choir helped me out big time, when I was raising money to donate to the red cross during Serious Request. When they called me for help, ofcourse I had to jump into action and shoot them some cool publicity photos. Besides performing and recording for so many national and international stars, Zo! Gospel Choir often perform for good causes, benefits etc etc. We shot at some very cool locations to.


Every day, the people of Nepal are confronted with the aftermath of the earthquakes of April and May 2015. They have no safe place to live and often there's a shortage of clean drinking water and toilets. With local partners, Simavi works hard to rebuild sanitary facilities and teach hygene awareness. They asked me to go to one of the villages they've visited and capture how these people survive 2,5 months after the earthquake. 

Sai Ram Foundation

WakaWaka often works with local partners in diverent places. One of their partners in Nepal is the SaiRam Foundatiuon. While I was in Kathmandu, I got the opportunity to see this foundation at work in  the communities of Johr, a destroyed village just outside of Nepals capital. Here they bring paper notebooks to a school and WakaWaka lights to the people that have so little left after the earthquakes.

RNW Media

RNW Media has supplied mobile radio stations to two earthquake-ravaged regions in Nepal. The “Radios in a box” were sent to restore communication in two agricultural areas, each situated around 100 kilometres from the capital Kathmandu. I was invited to travel with them and capture their work and the joy and inspiration it brings. One radio was brought to Krishi radio and the other was dilivered to radio Melamchi


Commissioned by NVFK a magazine was printed on Children's Physiotherapy. Alexander Reeuwijk was one of the editors. He asked me to spend a day in a Physiotherapy practice for children, to see how professionals do their work. He asked me to capture this as I saw it. My briefing was:  'Physiotherapists for children know exactly what they are doing and why, but how does an outsider look at the work of a Children's Physiotherapist?'

A shot of life, Ghana

The main reason I traveled to Ghana, was to make a story for A Shot of Life. Together with Maartje Grond and Sander van Weert, we visited Moses and Mariette. Two people who dedicated their lives to the orphanage Hanukkah and Circle of life school, they founded and run. We even traveled all the way to the North to visit the birthplace and family of Moses.


While in Ghana, Maartje Grond and I visited several projects of Simavi to document their work in and around Accra. We visited the communities just outside the city where toilets were build near schools, short lessons were given about hygiene and for their W.A.S.H. projects. While Maartje interviewed several people I captured their work on photo.

Martijn Aslander

In my search for send me somewhere to work, I meet lots of interesting people that can advise me, help me, introduce me or actually send me. Martijn Aslander did all of those things. As a professional speaker he has an unbelievable network. The way he works and his book 'Easycratie' are an inspiration. By helping and advising me, he send me through the streets of my own city to shoot same portraits for his website and newsletter. 

Kikid foundation

Kids look at older kids as role-models. The Kikid foundation uses this principle to address issues like alcohol, drugs, sexuality and social media. Youngsters are trained to educate kids in school through means of music and theater. I had the privilege to witness some of their rehearsals and take some portraits as well for their site that will soon have a complete makeover.

Radio in a box

For RNW, radio Netherlands worldwide, I traveled to Turkey to document their work. In cooperation with … they send a radio in a box to Turkey.To explain how they work, RNW traveled to Gaziantep to give a thorough workshop on the ins and outs of this box. Besides the radio in a box project, I was asked to document the visit to their partner radio stations in Gaziantep and Istanbul. 


Waka Waka

A flashlight that I can take on all my travels and is powered by solar. Not only that, it also charges my phone. But the best of all, when I bought it, I automatically gave an other one to a child in Africa that has no access to electricity. So when Waka Waka invited me to get involved with their new project in Ecuador, I couldn't resist.

The social effect

Through peer education, the social effect brings two worlds together: streetwise youngsters and high school students. By bringing these two very different groups together, a connection is made that creates a safe environment in which the students learn, but even more experience, how to communicate and what the effect is of their verbal and non-verbal behaviour. 

A shot of life

A project written by Maartje Grond, filmed by Sander van Weert and ofcourse photographed by yours truly. It sounds like a good idea, so we're working on a couple of pilots that hopefully will result in the story telling site: A shot of life. Moving and inspiring stories from within the country and abroad, captured in word, video and photo. 

Exhibition Serious Request

Every year the Dutch Red Cross and 3 FM (Dutch radio) organise a big fundraising event. Every year there’s a different topic. This year they are raising money to help girls and women that were victim of sexual violence in conflict areas. I traveled to South Sudan and Uganda to make several reportages that will be exhibited during the fundraising week. PAX and Warchild both helped be a great deal to achieve this.


A great initiative organized by stand up comedians Speelman & Speelman. A night of local musicians joined together for a concert, raising money and awareness for Serious Request. Not only did they organise this concert, but all artists also wrote a special song, which will be recorded for the gitaarlem cd. This cd will be launched in December and I'll also will be send there. 


For my trip to South Sudan I found expertise and logistical help at PAX. They were the ones sending me to Juba. I helped them with documenting some of the meetings they organised with the civil society of South Sudan. The goal of these meetings was to talk about long term changes that would benefit peace in the country and help the South Sudan people to cope with the aftermath of several wars. 

Klein Haarlem

Klein Haarlem is a hub for creative entrepreneurs , located in a historic building in Haarlem. Besides offering workstations , facilities and (business ) support for these entrepreneurs, Klein Haarlem committed to strengthen the creative infrastructure in Haarlem. So it offers support to various Haarlem cultural, creative and social initiatives and connects business- and creative industry. Whenever they organise an event or have a special occasion, I try to be there and supply them with some images.


While I was in Uganda for my personal Serious Request project, I also visited one of the projects that was initiated by War Child, called Move Forward. This project offers girls that work in prostitution a new chance. It offers them the possibility of a safe meeting place where they can exchange their stories, where they can unwind and where they can seek mental and physical help if needed. Besides this they get educated in social skills and have the opportunity to learn other skills to offer an alternative to prostitution.


When Kumi Naidoo, CEO of Greenpeace international, traveled to Istanbul, I was asked to shadow him while doing his work. For little over a week, I followed him around while documenting all the meetings, rallies, speeches and interviews that he had to attend to. One moment we were in the safety of a television studio, the next we would find ourselves between the protesters at Taksim square. Greenpeace used the photos to create a slide show, to use for PR purposes.


Up in the mountains in Peru, in the city of Cuzco, this foundation helps families raising an autistic child. In Cuzco there's very little awareness towards autism and health care doesn't always suffice. Because the local population often doesn't know what autism is or how to deal with it, family situations deteriorate. Abrazos raises awareness, helps families to understand autism and deal with it in a good way. The pictures taken during my time with them, ended up in an exhibition in museum 'het Dolhuijs' in Haarlem

Peace Tones

PeaceTones’ mission is to foster rule of law from the ground up and create sustainable incomes for musicians living in communities torn apart by war, protracted conflict and natural disaster. PeaceTones project in Kenya is called Songs for Justice project and seeks to address many of the challenges at the heart of  current conflicts. I was send to Kenya when the PeaceTones team spent a month in Nairobi, from February 24-March 21 2014, completing phase one of their project. 

Jennah Bell

Jennah Bell is an Oakland-grown singer/songwriter whose ravenous musical curiosities inspired her own creative wonderland; her quirky songwriting and undefinable genre is a direct product of her proud Bay Area roots. As the architect of all aspects of her musical endeavours Jennah pulls from a colorful palette of Folk, Soul, R&B, HipÔÇÉHop, and Bluegrass. So when 'Soup op Zondag' got her to the Netherlands to perform at the beach, they asked me if I would take some photos. I was more tha happy to!

Poverty Requiem

The musical piece 'Poverty Requiem' was written by Peter Maissan and Sylvia Borre, in commissioned by Oxfam Novib, to raise awareness for the millennium goals. A musical piece that premiered in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007 and after that performed world wide over 50 times. Not only did I captured some of these events in pictures, but it was also my first experience in using video.

Villa Pinedo

Villa Pinedo is a platform, where children of divorced parents share their experiences and make adults aware of what is going on in their head and heart. Villa Pinedo works together with these youngsters on their mission to change the behavior of parents with the best interests of the child in mind. When Villa Pinedo decided to publish a book, they asked me to help them out.


The guys of Friethoes produce french fries. Biological french fries. Besides helping them out with pictures for their website and folders, I made a reportage of the people grubbing up the potatoes in the field. These people are part of a social project and are prepared to be a part of working society again. Besides that, Friethoes also contributes to 'de voedselbank', a place where the less fortunate can get free food. 

Social Networks


I'm a freelance photographer, who combines hyperfocus with an open-minded approach to document whatever I am sent away for on a mission. This approach ensures my photographs are engaged, non-judgemental and that they often tell a complete story from a different perspective. My pictures tell the stories that I come across and that make me wonder.

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